Meet the Recruitment Consultants

Alex Riedl's picture
Principal Consultant, London
Alexandra Symeou's picture
Learning & Development Coordinator, London
Amy Callen's picture
Senior Consultant | Marketing & Communications Recruitment, London
Andrea Webb's picture
People Director, London
Andrew Kitchen's picture
Principal Consultant, London
Angela Lewis's picture
Team Leader, London
Anna Miah's picture
Senior Consultant | Accounting and Finance Recruitment, London
Archie Forbes Adam's picture
Associate Director, London
Asif Rehman's picture
Senior Consultant, London
Augustas Pavilionis's picture
Senior Consultant, London
Ben Harris's picture
Senior Manager, London
Caleb Hawkins's picture
Head of Compliance & Legal Temporary Recruitment, London
Calvin Phillips's picture
Senior Consultant, London
Carl Ashdown's picture
Team Leader | IT Recruitment, London
Carly Bellringer-Mundy's picture
Learning Technologies Manager, London
Cem Baris's picture
Director, London
Daniel Alshamkhany's picture
Consultant | Legal Recruitment, London
Darren Burns's picture
Operations Director, London
David Leithead's picture
Chief Operations Officer UK, London
David Weintroub's picture
Consultant | Project & Change Management Recruitment, London
Ektaa Kumar's picture
Head of Tax Interim, London
Elliot Stedman's picture
Principal Consultant, London
Emma Greaves's picture
Senior Manager | Marketing, Communications & Sales Recruitment, London
Faye Thornhill's picture
Team Leader - Sussex & London, London, Sussex
Felipe Battaglioli's picture
Tax Recruitment Consultant, London
George Purkiss's picture
Senior Consultant | Procurement, London
Gerald FitzGerald's picture
Chief Operations Officer Group, London
Grace Tong's picture
Principal Consultant | Accounting & Finance | London, London
Hakan Enver's picture
Managing Director, London
Harriet Stocker's picture
Consultant, London
Heather McMillan's picture
Senior Consultant | Tax Recruitment, London
Helen Firth's picture
Senior Manager, London
Henry Lee's picture
Manager | HR Recruitment, London , London
James Batters's picture
Consultant | Compliance Recruitment, London
James Franklin's picture
Head of Legal, UK, London
James Polley's picture
Senior Consultant | Accounting and Finance Recruitment, London
James Rossiter's picture
Team Leader, London
James Rush's picture
Senior Consultant, London
Jamie Browne's picture
Senior Consultant | Corporate Governance - International, London
Joanna Huang's picture
Senior Consultant - Accounting and Finance | Investment Management, London
Joe Charnaud's picture
Principal Consultant, London
Jon Browning's picture
Team Leader | Project and Change Management Recruitment, London
Kathryn Swan's picture
Associate Director, London
Kay Fleming's picture
Senior Consultant | Marketing & Sales Support, London
Kelly Theo's picture
Sales and Relationship Manager, London
Kerry Couldridge's picture
Associate Consultant IT Recruitment, London
Lauren Willox's picture
Senior Consultant | Marketing Recruitment, London
Leo Bellometti's picture
Senior Consultant | Compliance Recruitment, London
Lucy Foster's picture
Senior Consultant, London
Luke Van Rooyen's picture
Consultant | HR Recruitment, London
Marcus Williams's picture
Associate Director | Finance & Marketing, London
Margot Jansen's picture
Sales & Relationship Manager, London
Mark Astbury's picture
Associate Director, London
Michael Channing's picture
Consultant | Accounting & Finance Recruitment, London
Nabeel Butt's picture
Consultant - Qualified Finance, London
Natalie Limerick's picture
Director, London
Nick Pallikaros's picture
Consultant, London
Nick Williamson's picture
Senior Consultant | Accounting & Finance Recruitment, London
Nicola Mc Guane's picture
Consultant | Risk Management Recruitment, London
Penelope Dowler's picture
Consultant | HR Recruitment, London
Ross Sailes's picture
Senior Manager, London
Ryan Gregory's picture
Consultant | IT Recruitment, London, London
Ryan Kuhn's picture
Consultant | Financial Services Operations, London, London
Sam Turner's picture
Principal Consultant, London
Sarah Clarke's picture
Front of House Executive and Administrator, London
Scott Grundy's picture
Manager | Investment Banking and Investment Management Finance , London
Sebastian Thomson's picture
Senior Consultant, London
Sinead Byrne's picture
Senior Consultant, External Audit and Outsourcing recruitment Big 4 and Mid Tier firms, London
Sistla Vaishnavi's picture
Senior Consultant - Infrastructure & Security, London
Thomas Garbett's picture
Senior Consultant, London
Thomas Wood's picture
Manager | Audit Recruitment, General Practice, London
Tim Yu's picture
Senior Consultant | Digital | Financial Services | Fintech, London
Tom Hughes's picture
Senior Consultant, London
Victoria Walmsley's picture
Managing Director, London
Vinai Kongara's picture
Consultant | Project & Change Management Recruitment, London
William Hepworth's picture
Manager | Tax, London
Yogen Parmar's picture
Financial Services - Technology Risk - Cyber Risk - IT Audit, London