Your next Role: Things to Consider Before You Make the Move

Vinai Kongara 16.12.2015

New year, new goals and potentially a new role - In order to ensure both your time and the recruiters' time is used effectively, here are a few tips on making the most of those calls and factors to consider before your next move.

As the year draws to the close, whilst many of you might be looking forward to taking a breather, and spending some time with your families over the holidays; a lot of you might be planning to move or actively looking for your next role. As a Recruiter on the Strategy, Projects and Change desk specialising in contracting positions, I speak to a number of experienced candidates on a daily basis who are looking to match their CVs with potential roles within the market. In order to ensure both your time and the recruiters time is used effectively, here a few tips on making the most of those calls and things to consider before making that move.

Be Enthusiastic: 
We understand you must receive a lot of calls from Recruiters, although it is an informal discussion – during the conversation, we are essentially assessing the type of working environment that would suit you and how you would be in an interview. Therefore, it is important to be articulate, positive and give the recruiter as much information about your experience and your preferences. It will give us the best chance of finding you the role you're after, and allow us to effectively present your profile to the client.

Know your strengths:
Due to the nature of the contracting market, a majority of the roles advertised will look for candidates with previous experience or specific skill set as they will need to hit the ground running. If you’re unsure whether you are right for the role, again, ask your Consultant for advice – Is it a realistic option to go forward for the role? Doing so, will not only provide you with a greater insight into the position, it also gives us a better idea of what you are after.

Be Realistic:
We all have our expectations set when making a move either laterally, or looking to shift from permanent to contracting. It is important to be aware of your competition, ask your Consultant about the market activity, the rates (We’ll come back to that) and immediate feedback on your CV. 

The phrase I often hear, “Put me in at the higher rate, after all, it is in both our interests...”. Although this is indeed very true, we would always look to put your across at the most competitive rates to ensure we stand the best chance of getting you an interview. The candidates who often stand the best chance, ask for advice on the best rate to go ahead at. I deal with contracting positions upwards of £500 per day, as a general rule, an increase of £50 from your current daily rate is seen to be acceptable before questions are raised. There will always be exceptions, but be open to discuss this with your consultants.

Should you move?
It’s great to see a candidate being employed by the top firms without any gaps on their resumes; however, a big factor to consider is the duration of your contracts and the reason for the moves. Take into consideration the last 2-3 years on your CV, how many positions have you had? How long have you spent in those roles?
Candidates are often asked about their short stints during interview stages, as it raises questions about whether they will stay to see the project(s) through. Although, short-term contracts are a great way to fill the gap on your CV, work on new projects and with new individuals;  before making that important decision on your next move, consider the effect it has on your CV. If you have the opportunity to stay in your position for 12-18 months, that's generally seen as a good duration for a contract. Once again, there will always be exceptions, but it is something to consider. 

Finally, It’s not all doom and gloom with the recent cuts - beating expectations, the Strategy, Projects, and Change desk are still seeing a steady influx of positions across the market for this time of the year, so if you are still looking to make that move, please feel free to get in touch – one of our team will be happy to discuss your options going forward.

Hope you have a great Christmas and we look forward to hearing from you.

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