Five Reasons You'd Want a Recruiter to Handle Your Application

Richard Speight 22.06.2016

Businesses choose recruitment agencies as they get the best people for the job and quickly. But why'd a job seeker choose to work with a recruitment agency?

Listed below are five reasons why you should consider a recruitment consultant to handle your application.

Professional Representation

Good recruitment consultants don’t just email off your CV to potential employers. They have spent weeks, months or even years working on building relationships with hiring managers, who in turn trust their opinion. A recruitment consultant will ‘sell’ you into a company, so that a manager will look forward to reading your CV once it’s reached their inbox. A recommendation from a consultant will put your CV on the top of the pile, while a typical emailed application might just disappear among the masses.

"A recruitment consultant will ‘sell’ you into a company, so that a manager will look forward to reading your CV"


Access to hidden markets

Recruitment consultants are constantly networking and therefore are in the business of knowing what the market is like. They learn about upcoming projects and future opportunities which they can prepare for well in advance. This is something you won’t know about if you’re directly applying for roles.

CV and interview support

Recruiters go through hundreds of CVs every week, the good, the bad and the ugly. They can provide you with suggestions on the key elements you should highlight, to help you secure interviews (particularly when they attend conference calls for roles). If you have any formatting or spelling errors they should point them out to you.

When it gets to interview stage a recruiter will have in-depth knowledge about why the role is open, the personality of the interviewer and what he/she is looking for. They even know who your competition is and will ensure you are well prepared and give a great interview!

Negotiating Pay

It’s always great news when you hear you’ve been offered the role you prepared yourself for! But how much will you actually be earning? If you accept the current rate, you most probably won’t get another option to review this until the following year, or until you start a new opportunity if you’re a contractor. Rate negotiation is a walk in the park and recruitment consultants know this very well. It’s in the consultant’s best interests to know the range of salary/daily rate on offer, to know your worth and to make sure you get paid exactly what you deserve! 

Lasting Relationships

When you start a new role, the relationship with your recruitment consultant isn’t over. A good recruiter will keep in touch on a regular basis to find out how you’re settling in. They will want to work with you and maintain the relationship you’ve built for years to come. 

Taking the above into account it’s important that you choose the best recruiter to work with. How do you choose the best? Choose a consultant who specialises in your area of expertise, who will recognise your skills and is not just a ‘generalist’.

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