Why Lying About Your Salary is the Biggest No No!!

Why Lying About Your Salary is the Biggest No No!!

Darren Burns 17.07.2017

One of the main reasons people move jobs is due to salary. However in the current market candidates believe lying about their base is the best way to get that extra £10,000.

Candidates have become slicker in this web of lies. They are creatively lying by adding the whole package to the base salary. For example, they will add their bonus to the base but also mention they have a bonus. 

Calling all candidates; this doesn’t work. Everyone’s least favourite person has arrived at the party, the compliance person. Firms have realised they have been paying out unrealistic salary expectations due to believing there potential new hire. With the addition of stronger compliance checks there are only two outcomes if you have lied. Your new employer will pull the offer and you could end up jobless or they still take you on (this rarely happens) but you have started on the wrong foot.

But we need to look at the bigger picture; are Job seekers lying due to greed or because they are underpaid? The answer is both. All candidates think they are worth more, however, some have gone about it the wrong way. Candidates believe a new employer will not entertain the conversation of “I believe I am worth an extra £X due to my years experience & market rate”. The answer is employers want to be fair and most importantly want to be paying market rate. Employers are happy to give sufficient pay raises to those who deserve it. More importantly, they will be more likely to pay out larger salaries to honest candidates. In conclusion, be honest. As the old saying goes, "what goes around comes around" and if you work hard it will all pay off in the end.


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