What motivates you to be the best you can be?

David Leithead 27.03.2017

A common conversation I have with professionals revolves around the advantages and disadvantages between roles. Often the tie breaker lies in what benefits the company has to present to their employees.

Fortunately, employees are not restricted to relying on their manager to recognise their achievement in order to progress. The reality is if you find a dead-end in your current role, the opportunities out there are endless. With the amount of exposure and how easily accessible market information is, more and more companies entice their employees through their reward system and what benefits they have to offer.

Recognition is one of the key motivators in order to feel valued at work. But how do we expect this to be measured?

We have all heard the argument that money is the sole motivator to improve performance and recognise achievement. In this case, your motivation may lie in your annual year end bonus. Others would strongly disagree. Although the majority of us would love an extra tip at the end of the year, is this enough? Much research has gone into proving that although money is a motivator, it is definitely not the only motivator. Employees want to feel a part of the company’s community as well as its success. This is where flexible benefits and reward systems come in to play. Knowing that your company cares for:

  • your work-life balance by offering flexible hours
  • your health by offering gym membership
  • your success by offering training (hopefully for your next promotion)

are the key things that make employees feel valued and committed to stay, perform and succeed.

The relationship between motivation, money and performance can be argued from all angles and at the end of the day; it isn’t for any recruiter to decide which is the most important for you. A question one must ask themselves when applying and interviewing, is whether they have more passion for the job, the company or both equally? It is easy to caught up in the rate or salary offered. If you are not someone who is solely motivated by money, take a step back and look at what else a company is offering you in exchange for your commitment to them. 

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Chief Operations Officer UK