[WEBINAR] Why UX produces better results

Cem Baris 21.04.2016

Hugely successful firms like Apple, Facebook and Google have brought user experience design (UX) into the mainstream. They invest heavily in UX because it has proven to bring huge benefits in two key areas.

Firstly, they know that good design is a source of competitive advantage. The top 10 “UX leaders” listed on the S&P 500 outperform the index by a factor of three. In other words, companies that prioritise design are more successful. 

Secondly, they know that UX-centred projects are better projects. They avoid the most common risks facing software development projects, such as poorly defined requirements, inaccurate estimates and user acceptance failure. UX saves time, saves money and increases quality. A holy trinity.

This webinar explains how UX brings about these results, and why it has become so popular. It will cover the following key takeaways:

  • UX focuses on details
  • UX is research-led
  • UX focuses on problem-solving
  • UX helps your prioritise
  • UX validates before you build


About your presenter:

Colman Walsh


Owner and founder Colman Walsh has worked in user experience design since 1999. An alumnus of two world-class UX agencies - Sapient and Each & Other - he has worked with blue-chip clients in San Francisco, New York, London, Brussels and Dublin. 

His expertise runs across the entire UX spectrum: research, strategy, design and testing. A fun and engaging presenter, Colman is an accomplished trainer, facilitator and workshop moderator.


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