Want a productive, happy workplace? Promote a good working culture

A workforce spends the majority of its time in the office, therefore it is important for employers to create a working environment that is welcoming and promotes productivity.

The importance of an inviting work environment

The workplace should not be somewhere that people dread going to every day. Naturally, you want your employees to look forward to their work. A positive workplace culture creates a collaborative working environment - this makes people enjoy being at work and results in increased productivity.

A job is not simply just a job. Your colleagues become your friends and it is widely known that you spend more time in the workplace than your family home, so creating an environment in which people feel safe and comfortable is essential.

Furthermore, flexibility is the epitome of why employees work hard and want to go above and beyond for their boss and their peers. Over the last year we have seen several companies that began repaying their employees’ dedication by offering extra work perks and wellbeing benefits such as:

  • Lunchtime yoga classes
  • Company dogs
  • Personal training sessions
  • Free massages
  • Lunch vouchers, or onsite restaurants and cafes
  • Private onsite GP services
  • Guaranteed annual pay rises written into contracts

A significant shift in the last decade

As a marketing and communications recruiter, I am constantly hearing jobseekers’ reasons for moving roles and what they are looking for in their next position. When I started in recruitment eight years ago, the main driver for most people was money, and whilst that remains important, nowadays jobseekers want a good work/life balance, a great manager, a collaborative team, and access to wellbeing and health benefits that simply were not on offer ten years ago. These extra perks, coupled with a competitive salary, create a happy and healthy working environment.

Richard Branson famously said: “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” and he’s not wrong.

Leaders are key to empowering employees

Empowering employees is also incredibly important. Having a great boss, someone that you respect who will empower you and listen to your ideas is what most people crave - employees want to feel that their voice is being heard.  

Culture is also a powerful recruitment tool, as hiring talented people is not easy - it all starts at the first interview. When an individual first walks out of their interview, they’ve got a good feel for the culture and environment - this has a direct effect on if they’re going to accept the job or not and is likely to be a deal breaker.

A strong company culture does not just benefit employees, it is also better for the business as it results in lower turnover and a better company performance.

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