[Video] 7 Secrets of Incredible Leadership webinar

Hakan Enver 24.07.2014

Dr Krishan Ramyead hosts another Success Series webinar, this time focussing ion on leadership.

After his very successful session with us on posture in May, Dr Krishan Ramyead (Chiropractor) delivered an informative talk on the subject of leadership.

Here are three key learnings I've started to apply this week:

1. Love what you do

This has helped me to be successful in my career so far, I enjoy the work that I do and have a genuine passion for working with clients and colleagues to achieve success. It's easy to forget this on a bad day or when faced with stress. Instead I’ve set myself a goal to reflect each day on the positive outcomes

2. Compare yourself to the best version of you

This is one secret I'll start to apply immediately. It is all too easy to compare yourself to peers, friends and family. Krishan’s advice makes it easy to action, even if you don’t know what the best version of yourself looks like you can  ask yourself ‘ how can I be better than I was yesterday?’

3. Being authentic

Krishan and I had an interesting discussion on this, being authentic is about being yourself without fear of judgement and without feeling the need to try and please others. I think this is the number one tip that anyone can master in their personal quest to start leading themselves.

If you missed the webinar or would like a recap you'll be pleased to see we've included a full video recording below and also attached the slides for download. You can also read a short article on The 7 Secrets of Incredible Leadership by visiting Dr Krishan Ramyead’s blog.

We'd love to know how you'll apply the 7 secrets of leadership to your life moving forward. Let us know via the comments below or on Twitter @morganmckinley using the hashtags #successseries.



We hope to welcome him back again very soon to deliver another informative session.


If you are interested in contacting Dr. Krishan:

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