UX training in our London offices

Cem Baris 05.12.2014

The world’s most successful companies - Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon - have brought user experience design (UX) into the mainstream.

They invest massively in their UX teams because they know two things: good design is a competitive advantage; and well-designed products and services will surprise and delight their customers, building reservoirs of loyalty and goodwill. 

And the next wave of global tech giants - Twitter, Spotify, Dropbox - are following suit. It’s a new era of high-quality software design and the bar is being set very high for the rest of us to follow.

Morgan McKinley is delighted to announce that we’re bringing the hugely popular UXTraining.ie to our London offices. This Dublin-based firm has been training people right across Europe, since they were founded 18 months ago. Their mission is to help everybody involved in software design and development learn more about this game-changing process. 

Special 15% discount

If you’d like to improve your skills in UX design, we’re offering a fantastic 15% discount to members of our network. But hurry, the discounts are only available to the first 5 people using our discount codes. See below for details:

•    Course: UX Foundation
•    Location: Morgan McKinley, 61 Aldwych, WC2B 4AE
•    Date: 26-27 March 2015
•    Price:  €895 (standard)
•    Super Early Bird Rate: €745 (until January 15)
•    15% Discount for the first 5 people using this code mmuxlondon

To learn more and to book your place, visit www.uxtraining.ie/london

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