Uncertainty results in fewer Marketing professionals looking to change roles

Hiring of Marketing, Communications and Sales Support professionals has been steady over the past few months, but there are fewer vacancies compared with the same period last year.

How has the Marketing hiring landscape been over the first half of 2019?

A standout trend in the past months has been the increased number of senior level job seekers, notably in digital. This has come about from mergers and acquisitions, meaning two roles have become one and hiring budgets haven’t increased - the end result being fewer growth hires. Furthermore, lots of clients are considering internal applicants for roles following these restructures, leaving external talent with less of a chance of being hired.  

Widespread uncertainty has meant fewer marketing professionals have been looking to leave if they are relatively content with their roles - this may change as we head towards the end of the year. Whilst there have been more senior job seekers, the majority of vacancies have been at the more junior and mid-level for marketing executive jobs than senior range, and overall job volume has been lower than the same period of 2018. Most senior hires have been for roles that have been re-released in the post-bonus period for fresh ideas.

Hiring freezes have been seen at a number of banks. This has either been due to performance or because they hired in large volumes last year and want those individuals to settle into their roles before assessing their ongoing needs. Across Asset Management, there has been demand from candidates for ESG focused roles as the provision of ethical investment opportunities grows in importance to the end client.

In the contract market, lots of roles have focused on lead generation, including looking for marketing automation specialists with at least a year of experience using Eloqua or Marketo.

Breakdown of roles in Q2 2019

Marketing roles filled

Type of roles filled in Q2

How to keep the workforce motivated and attract new employees

There are five key areas that have consistently come up in 2019:

  • Flexible working - This is a high priority for job seekers, with many now looking for a role that offers the ability to work from home or accommodates for flexible working hours.
  • Culture - A lot of financial services firms have moved to a hot desking model, downsizing office space to encourage more agile working. This change in attitude means more companies are offering the possibility to work in a virtual work environment - you can work anywhere as long as you are close to a phone or laptop with video conferencing software.
  • CSR - There has been increased awareness around mental health initiatives, as well as more promotion of volunteering and fundraising opportunities available whereby employees are encouraged to give back to local communities. Many firms offer up to 2 CSR days per year.
  • Incentive trips and company away days - Trips away for training or team bonding are becoming more popular, and in some cases businesses are sending their employees to Europe or the USA. 
  • Uncapped holiday allowances - Notably in FinTech, there is a flexible attitude towards holidays, with lots of firms not defining the number of annual leave days employees are entitled to, trusting they will get all their work done.

What makes a Marketing, Communications or Sales Support CV stand out? 

Facts, figures and key achievements help make permanent marketing CVs stand out from the crowd. Whether this is ROI for campaigns (e.g. percentage increase in engagement levels or new customer attraction), or the target audience for internal communications. Companies also like to see the tangible results behind work efforts. 

Marketing vacancies

As FinTech is a very competitive market to get into, often those with previous experience, or experience in innovation, Artificial Intelligence or Blockchain technologies will stand out. In banking, direct experience of certain digital platforms or experience using AI have both been highly sought after. 

Across the PR market, there has been increased demand for European language skills, particularly French, Spanish, German and Italian.

Hiring managers are keen to see jobseekers’ product knowledge in detail; there has been a notable shortage of individuals with corporate lending, capital markets or ETFs experience, and therefore, if you have it, show it clearly on your CV.

For contractors, experience of marketing automation tools, including Eloqua or Marketo, have been highly demanded. There has also been an increased demand for project management experience, as well as experience working in a start-up environment or for a company going through change. Interviewers see this as a demonstration of the contractor's resilience, resourcefulness and ability to hit the ground running. 

Further tips for crafting the optimum CV include:

  • Break CV down with key responsibilities as subtitles and detail below
  • Clear format without an over complicated layout or pictures

How can Marketing job seekers stay motivated over the slower summer months?

To keep up-to-date with trends, read up on any news for your relevant industry, whether it is FinTech, Banking or Asset Management and keep an eye on LinkedIn for hints or tips from companies you’re keen to work for. Also, attend as many networking events as possible to remain in the loop with any opportunities and to ensure you’re at the forefront of hiring managers’ minds. For those looking to obtain a new role in Asset Management, IMC or CFA qualifications show commitment to the industry and will be looked on favourably by hiring organisations.  

The market might slow down over the summer; do not take it personally if processes take much longer. Speaking to your peers will give reassurance that the case is the same for everyone. Be patient and keep in touch with your recruiter - it is always ok to check in on applications and get a feel for the market.

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