The Ultimate Interview: Horror Films

Matt Arnold 31.10.2017

We all know that interviews can be a scary, nervous event for both the professional and the employer. Don’t let yourself be the victim in these typical scary scenarios:

I Know What You Did Last Summer

You recently had a reunion with your university friends – a great evening with a sore head the next day. You have an interview on Monday afternoon for that job you’ve always wanted. Afterwards, you think it went well and you can’t understand why the agency just didn’t call you back. Maybe you should think back to that evening when your friend posted that embarrassing photo of you on Instagram.

Would you want to employ that person? We all form opinions of people based on what we see on their social media accounts. Hiring managers do the same. You might be lucky and still get the job, but you don’t want that image etched on your manager’s mind for the rest of your career.

Tip: Make sure you are social media smart – don’t post anything that is going to give you goosebumps when it gets mentioned in the office.


You’re running late for your interview because there was traffic on the motorway. It’s winter and it’s a dark evening. You’ve had to park your car in the only available space, right at the back of the car park.

You’re now running towards the building – you can see the shadow of your interviewer waiting behind the door. He looks at you in shock – you look awful. Your hair is on end, you’re sweating you have a big stain on your shirt from where you knocked into the lady carrying coffee in the reception.

The first impression you give out will be a lasting one. 

Tip: Leave plenty of time to get to your interview. Don’t end up looking like death when you arrive. The first impression you give out will be a lasting one – don’t scare off your potential employer.

Paranormal Activity

“Thank you so much for rescheduling my interview after I couldn’t attend last week: what happened was…I’m sorry I didn’t call you to let you know at the time. I’m afraid I cannot attend today either; I am trying to leave my house but can’t find my keys…” 

I’m sure we’ve all been in a situation where we have been invited for an interview which we may change our mind about. Have you applied just to ‘keep your options open’ but have changed your mind?

Tip: It’s fine if this is the case, but just be honest. Professionals often disappear in this way. Just talk through your reservations with your recruiter – we won’t bite.
So if you are interviewing this Halloween, don’t fall victim to typical ‘bad candidate’ traits. Don’t leave your interviewer feeling cold. Work your magic on them and treat them to a bewitching interview to guarantee you will secure that perfect job.

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