Top tips to maintain momentum in your internal and IT audit career

Andrew Kitchen 17.04.2020

Spring recruitment update for internal and IT audit professionals in London, with tips on how to maintain momentum in your career.

Overview of internal and IT audit recruitment

The start of 2020 has been, to say the least, unsettled. A number of organisations felt confident after the general election to resume hiring and resume forward momentum with plans for their Audit departments.

But the onset of the COVID-19 crisis has seen a significant slow down in newly released roles. We still have clients, however, who are looking to be decisive in the forthcoming months. Here’s an overview of what we’ve been seeing:

  • Some hiring continuing across all levels;
  • A focus on AVP roles as teams seek to get more fieldwork done;
  • Still a requirement for VPs with SME experience;
  • Main roles have been focused in the areas of Capital Markets, Compliance/Conduct, Treasury, Credit Risk Audit;
  • FinTech firms continue to grow their control functions;
  • Passporting departments have been looking for UK talent with language skills to sit in Paris, Frankfurt, Dublin, Luxembourg, Amsterdam and Brussels.

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A few tips on how to maintain momentum in your internal and IT career

  1. Have a strong LinkedIn profile. This should go without saying but if you want recruiters and potential employers to notice you, then you need a strong/detailed and updated profile. This should highlight what your areas of focus are and any specialist knowledge/experience.
  2. Utilise LinkedIn - make sure that as well as having an updated profile, you use LinkedIn to network. To be seen as an industry expert, make sure you are doing the following: connecting with the right people, always message after connecting, post topical updates (these can be around company updates, sector updates, regulatory updates), join internal audit groups on LinkedIn and post your content to these groups. 
  3. Look to gain a few mentors in the Senior Management team.
  4. Don’t be shy about exploring external options. Until you speak to other businesses, you simply won’t know what’s out there. 
  5. Always put your hand up to take on more responsibility, or if you have an opportunity to work on complex projects. This should allow you to show your value to senior management.
  6. Look to work on projects that interest you: it's the best way to keep your passion levels high.
  7. Set goals and be honest with your colleagues, so they can make you aware of your own work deficiencies (perceived and real).
  8. Explore the option of a secondment to another team - this will give excellent exposure to new areas.
  9. For AVPs and VPs, look to lead as many audits as possible. This leadership exposure will help move your career upwards into more senior roles.
  10. If you have a CV, keep it updated with recent projects at the top, as you will be able to remember details better when asked.
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