Top Things To Consider Before Committing To A New Job Search

Top Things To Consider Before Committing To A New Job Search

Paige Birks 15.05.2017

So you’ve come to the decision that you’re not happy in your new role or maybe you are but still want a change – have you thought about EVERYTHING?

When I meet with candidates I always ask multiple questions around motivators and possible reasons why they should stay with their current company. The following are some of the main things to consider before looking at the external market, that you may not have thought about before:

Double Check Your Notice Period

If you think it’s one month – check again! Sometimes the length of your notice period is a sell to an employer. If they need someone urgently, they may be put off if your notice period is longer than you think.

Do You Have Fees to Pay Back?

If you are studying, check this out as the number may be too high for you to afford and very few employers are willing to pay the fees for you, therefore you could be left in a sticky situation upon resignation.

Is The Commute Feasible?

Always do some research on the commute before applying for the job and ensure you are OK with it. Just because the role is further away does not mean that the employer will contribute towards travel expenses just to secure you. 

What’s Important To Me?

This is a big one, as often the things which you don’t like in a job that niggle away at you. But how often do you sit back and think about what you actually like about your job? I highly recommend this before making that commitment and decision to look for external opportunities. Draw up a list of pros and cons – if the cons outweigh the pros, then how negotiable are the pros? i.e. if you live a 10 minute walk from work, would it be the end of the world if you now had a 40 minute drive? It's important to remember that the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

External Situations

I speak with a number of candidates who have children on the way, so looking for a role and changing jobs before your maternity/paternity leave can leave you without the benefits your current employer would provide you with. Of course, this isn’t applicable to everyone. Also, I speak with a number of candidates who are either relocating and/or are looking to move house, but have you thought of your mortgage?

Some banks will not offer mortgages where contracts state a probation period as it increases their risk, equally, some of my roles require credit checks before submission. If you’re already undergoing a heavy credit check – this could be another reason to knock your short term credit history? Of course, banks will always favour those in stable roles so, if you’re planning on moving house in the short term – I’d advise to take it one step at a time. 

Is There Anyone Else Involved In The Decision?

Sometimes partners, friends and family members can shed a really interesting light on your career. Someone on thr outside can often see many different options available to you which you may not initially see. This can be a great opportunity to air some doubts or pose some questions before you make your final decision. 

Have You Explored All Internal Opportunities?

If you haven’t, then you probably should and you should feel comfortable enough with your company to talk about how you’re feeling or even ask “what’s next for me?”. When you hand in your notice, you’d like your manager to understand why you’ve come to the decision and ultimately end up supporting you in your new adventure. It would be pointless looking for a new job if you genuinely thought that your current company could provide you with everything you need.

If you are in a similar situation or would just like to have a chat about what options are available to you, please feel free to get in touch on my details below.

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