Top five tips on how to be an Oscar winning employee

Morgan McKinley 26.02.2013

Understanding where you want to be in five years’ time, is often the key to getting there. Just doing what is expected of you isn’t necessarily going to get you where you want to be. Do yourself a favour and follow these top five tips to take control of your future:

Internal networking

Get to know people in different departments.  This will keep you more informed about projects and activities taking place across the business.  You may find opportunities to make a lateral internal move to develop your career before considering your next job move.

Embrace new projects

Show interest in new projects that challenge you and help you to learn new skills.  Think about the direction in which you want to take your career and focus your efforts on being involved in relevant projects that will add value for your current employer as well as helping you to take the next step in your career when you are ready.

Become a leader

Look for opportunities to manage tasks and people to improve your leadership skills.  Even if it’s only a small piece of work – this will allow you to demonstrate that you have been given responsibility and have achieved success with it.

Build your external profile

Be aware of how people outside your company perceive you.  If your organisation uses social networking sites to reach customers or clients, consider contributing through blog posts or articles.  Rather than extra work, it’s an opportunity to raise your profile within your industry – LinkedIn now has 10 million UK users – you can reach many of these who may be potential employers by actively sharing content. Ask for recommendations from peers, managers and reports to show potential employers that you have the skills they may need in the future.

Track your successes

You may be content in your current role, but don’t forget achievements along the way. Every time your role changes or you move into a new area, update your CV while the memory is still fresh.  Make sure you identify what you did as an individual – unless you are leading the team which of course is an achievement in itself!

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