Three Easy Ways to make sure you are climbing the Accountancy career ladder

Helen Firth 12.02.2013

The accountancy jobs market this year still faces high competition at all levels. I was recently asked to provide some insight into this area for a City AM article.

There is no secret to climbing the accountancy career ladder but here are my top three ways that accountants at all levels can continue to make sure they are furthering their careers in 2012.

1. Take on extra responsiblity
Assess where you could add value to the company. Value could be by producing better, more relevant information by speaking to areas that depend on you, creating a quicker process or looking outside of the ‘because it’s all been done that way’ box and creating a positive culture of change. Those who can do this at any stage of their career will develop faster and will benefit from enhanced prospects; this is the case for all employees, permanent member or contractor.

2. Keep updated with market insight
There are various reports produced by recruitment companies and research intelligence companies which forecast the state of hiring in different industries - accountancy is no different. Keep an eye on hiring trends and you may spot a viable opportunity to switch roles.

3. Keep in touch with your recruitment consultant
As a professional accountant you are busy doing your job and a client or colleague would expect you to be an expert in your field. Recruitment consultants are experts in their sectors too. Therefore, if you want the most up to date advice and insight on accountancy careers then it is imperative that you keep in touch with a good recruitment consultant, they can let you know which areas are hiring or losing headcount and can also advise you on the best path to meet your career goals.

To find out more tips on progressing your accountancy career in 2013 you might like to read this blog on CityAM Careers. Alternatively if you are accountancy professional needing some friendly advice then feel free to contact me.

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