Is there equality and diversity in your workplace?

Sam Turner 04.05.2016

In April, the UN conducted two hour long interviews on a live public stream to decide who will be their next Secretary General. This election has aroused discussion around a popular modern topic; diversity and equality.

To be more precise, the theme is gender equality. In the UN’s 70 year history, this may be the first time a woman is appointed as their next Secretary General. 

When we look at financial services, it is a similar story. It is generally known as a male-dominated sector with phrases such as “the boys club” being attached to it and it is widely agreed that in finance it is a greater challenge for women to progress into board members or CEO positions. 

However the strive for greater diversity and equality is a much bigger issue than just gender equality. This was pointed out by a reader who commented on one of our Women In Leadership articles. They highlighted that all the women who were interviewed were white women and so it wasn’t relevant to them. It might have just been by chance that for this round of interviews that Morgan McKinley had conducted we only interviewed white women but it holds enough substance to question, why were there only Caucasian women interviewed?

I have also had conversations with candidates where they ask whether their accent and ethnic background will reduce their chances of getting a job as some have indicated that this was the case in previous job applications.

So how can we improve our equality and diversity?

I believe that providing education and raising awareness is key, particularly at grass roots level. We should all promote diversity and equality whether that be in gender, sexual orientation or race. An open-minded and welcoming culture is key for a prejudice-free work place.

To learn more about Morgan McKinley’s Diversity Promise, you can click here, or to read about how you can improve diversity and equality in your workplace please read our interview with Karis Stander, Managing Director of Investments2020.

Alternatively give myself or anyone at Morgan McKinley a call to discuss.

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