Talent war predicted for hiring within HR

Natalie Limerick 27.02.2018

We have asked our specialist discipline teams what they envisage happening within their industry in 2018. Here are the predictions of our HR recruitment division.

What is the main trend you foresee for HR in 2018?

From an employer’s perspective, a high-performing, resilient and flexible workforce is going to be the main priority this year. As a result of this, employee engagement is at the forefront of HR leaders’ plans as they strive to increase staff retention.

Recruitment reports have predicted a talent war as organisations seek to bolster their teams by filling compensation and benefits jobs. Reporting specialists will also be hired to focus on producing gap analysis regarding employee engagement.

How is the HR sector looking with the progression of Brexit policies?

This is very much a grey area. Organisations know that they need to make plans, but with a lack of decisions being made by the UK Government, it is hard to determine what exactly is needed. One area in which we have seen a change to account for the uncertainty is the increase in demand for interim HR professionals with clear organisational development skills, specifically within restructuring, redundancies and TUPE.

At present, is there a high demand for certain roles within HR? And why?

In line with the aforementioned employee engagement, the digitalisation of HR is going to be key. The inevitable and continual expansion of technology will require strong IT skills, and there has been a noticeable rise in specialist roles, especially within Learning and Development. With new technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, HR will be able to impact and influence the employee experiences, not just track and monitor them.

By offering development opportunities, businesses stand a better chance of retaining employees and not losing the talent to direct competitors after investing time in them. Strong Learning & Development and talent retention individuals will be crucial to success.

What skills and attributes are particularly desirable in HR at the moment?

Various contributing factors - including technology, political and economic change - mean that the HR sector is constantly evolving. In such a changeable environment, employers are keen to source candidates who are flexible. Being adaptable and well suited for HR project based roles are crucial attributes to possess, so that individuals can be influential in various situations.

What are the current salary bands looking like in comparison to recent years?

In a market that has been relatively stagnant salary-wise for the past few years, we have seen an uplift in salaries for those in certain specialist areas. Candidates with the appropriate experience for Compensation and Benefits jobs and Learning & Development have been looking to move into more specific roles, and have been seeking an uplift as a result.

What one piece of advice would you give someone currently looking for a job in HR?

It is a simple one, but make sure you research the company and the people you are meeting with prior to an interview. Understand their business and look at recent news articles that are on their website or personal LinkedIn. Finally, focus on your most relevant skills and why you are the best fit for the role, as well as them as a business.

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