Summer hiring lull across Surrey vanquished by busier September

Kelly Hayman 08.10.2019

Political and economic uncertainty are both deterring professionals from looking for new roles across Surrey, meaning recruitment levels have been relatively flat.

Overview of recruitment in Surrey

When compared to the same period last year, the flow of jobs in Surrey throughout July to September of 2019 was significantly down. Across Human Resources, Marketing and Office Support, we saw a 36% reduction of permanent roles and 22% less temporary vacancies. 

In a pattern we would expect from summer, recruitment was quiet during July and August but September brought about a substantial increase of permanent opportunities. Whilst we have not seen a huge number of roles going on hold, processes have just taken longer than expected, due to people being away on annual leave, but also a lack of suitable candidates; many professionals lack the confidence to look for a new role in these turbulent economic times. 

The most prominent roles throughout recent months

Marketing & Communications - Digitally skilled professionals, specifically focusing on social media, have been in high demand. Having gained a better understanding of how important social media is in the current climate, organisations have sought experienced social media specialists. 

Office Support - Recent focus has been on Personal/Executive Assistant roles from SMEs and large blue chip organisations, which has been a pleasant surprise as it is an area that has struggled regionally for a number of years. Requirements have been specific to who the professional is supporting and decisions are heavily based on personality fit. 

Human Resources - HR Business Partner vacancies have been frequent but companies want applications from professionals who not only have the relevant experience but are also from within their industry.

Surrey hiring facts summer 2019

Workplace wellness for employees in Surrey

Whilst wellness in the workplace is topical across most disciplines in Surrey, it isn’t the most important requirement when professionals are looking for a new role. Flexible working is always going to be a popular request as employees seek a healthy work-life balance, and nowadays more organisations are offering the option to work from home or adjusted hours in order to attract talent. This said, across many Office Support roles, flexible working isn’t a viable option given the nature of the profession.

For the remainder of 2019…

The economic climate will continue to play a role, with uncertainty meaning recruitment will remain relatively flat - the majority of expansion roles and non business critical hires will most likely be delayed until next year when the political picture is (hopefully) a bit clearer.

It’s important for job seekers to be patient with the recruitment process and ensure they build strong relationships with their recruitment consultants; they will be working hard to create as many opportunities as possible for you.

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