Steady flow of Sales hiring through Q2 before expected summer slow down

Morgan McKinley 05.07.2018

Whilst companies do their best to retain their top sales professionals, tempting offers from game changing technology platforms is making it tough.

Sales recruitment market overview

We have seen a steady number of live vacancies across a range of industries but with a backdrop of flat economic data, some candidates are a little more hesitant to change positions than in the past. With many sales vacancies in the UK being driven by heavily funded international players from the West Coast, Europe and Israel, there are many exciting opportunities on offer in the market.

It’s not all plain sailing; Software vendors operating a more traditional business model are under pressure to transform, with higher operating costs and inefficiency placing greater emphasis on mid level Sales Managers, causing them to either deliver greater personal revenue contribution or seek external opportunities.  

In line with this, a particular trend we have noted is an increasing number of roles with Director titles, but operationally are more like player/manager roles, where the individual is both managing and delivering sales contribution.

Most exciting roles seen throughout Q2

We’ve noticed a number of roles coming up in the following areas, with exposure to this kind of technology:

  • Software - Cloud, SaaS, Internet of things
  • FinTech and Payments - RegTech, Fraud detection software for banks, payment companies etc. - this is in line with changes to the payments industry such as increased usage of mobile and contactless payments
  • Artificial Intelligence & Automation - we expect to see greater influence of AI, Robotics and Automation over the coming year
  • Data & Analytics - demand for Data Visualisation from businesses is hot, with a lot of exciting players entering the UK market seeking to establish a footprint

Desirable skills sought after in sales candidates

Technically savvy candidates, such as candidates with strong analytical skills, have been particularly in demand. This is possibly in line with the changing times, as well as companies being more heavily reliant on tech to identify trends and target customers, bringing Sales and Marketing teams ever closer together.

As is seen throughout the year, candidates who overachieve in terms of hitting sales targets are always in demand, as is domain knowledge in regulations such as MiFID, across FinTech and Financial Services.

Predictions for the upcoming quarter

During Q3 we are likely to see recruitment processes taking longer than usual due to the summer holidays, although this is also a great time to capitalise where the competing candidates / companies sometimes take their eye off the ball. While we don’t foresee any particular reason for the flow of live jobs to decline, both candidates and clients should be more aware of deadlines and timescales shifting.

The contributors to the Q2 Sales recruitment review were:

Lucy Foster | Consultant, Sales Recruitment - 020 7092 0169

Koray Gokay | Consultant, Sales Recruitment - 020 7092 0107

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