Specialise to capitalise

Kathryn Swan 19.02.2013

‘Specialist’, ‘Expert’ 'Professional' 'Niche', are these buzz words used by people trying to over sell themselves or are they truly what we look for in a service tailored to our needs? 

In the professional services market I would say they are exactly what is demanded and what is being supplied.

Specialist sector knowledge and niche industry information are qualities that my clients tell me their clients want.  Clients want to be able to trust their accountant and feel secure in the knowledge that they are being given advice that is suited to their particular business and industry.

Over the last couple of years I have seen a definite increase in the demand for specialist industry sector knowledge when firms are recruiting senior management positions. Financial Services, Pensions, & Charities in particular, are sectors that are governed by regulations and require specialist knowledge, however sectors such as Property, Retail and Media are areas also increasingly considered to be specialist areas and are so demanding niche skill sets.

When planning your career path and next move, I would suggest asking yourself the following three questions: 

1. What is my specialism? 

2. What is my niche area of expertise?

3. What can I do to increase my value in the audit marketplace?

In answering these three questions, you will be able to articulate exactly why and how you bring something extra that drives demand for your services, whilst also helping to establish what steps to take to ensure you stay ahead of the curve.

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UK Lead for Accountancy Practices | Tax Audit & Advisory