A soulmate and dream job? Accountants, you can have it all...

Sinead Byrne 06.02.2018

I recently spoke to an accounting professional, at the initial point of their job search, who was very restrictive of their opportunities. Just like finding your dream soulmate, sometimes you have to look beyond.

For example, online dating takes more than reading about someone's profile to completely figure out what that individual is like. It takes countless meetings, lots of exchanging of questions to try and get an understanding of each other, which should ultimately lead to building a trusting and loving relationship. Looking for the right job can be paralleled to this; you have to go beyond just making presumptions of a job when you do not actually know if you would like it or not, as your knowledge of it is limited. It also requires a lot of effort and tries to find the perfect match for you.

I have learnt over the years from being an active job seeker in the past, as well as from my experience with working in recruitment, the importance of keeping your options open. Take every opportunity to really research your market to see what is out there. Of course, I am not saying that you should overthink and confuse yourself with excessive options. Try not to be too critical that you refuse a job that doesn’t meet your ‘dream job’ to the point.

Sometimes however, working closely with your recruitment consultant can give you the opportunity to expand on the original “plan”. Here at Morgan McKinley, our aim is not only to help you get a job but to put you in the position of having options and understand what role is best suitable for you. You may argue that interest in a certain role is determined prior to an interview or even before you have been spoken to about a role, because you know what you want. However, you'd be surprised that there are candidates who look at certain roles in another light, once they’ve been explained and talked about by a recruitment consultant. Having said that, it is a completely different matter if you simply are not interested in a specific field of work and if it is not relevant to something you have studied for, of course.

I cannot deny the fact that sometimes a dream job is not much of a ‘dream’ as you initially think it would be. It may be because your perception of how it ought to be may be distorted by other influences, and is thus completely different in practice. Just like finding your soulmate, once you actually get to know someone and understand them, only then can you make a proper judgement and see if they are right for you.  

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding your accounting career and I wish you a love-filled happy Valentine’s Day!

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