Ever put a social media spotlight on your career?

How social media can aid your job hunt, and how best to use the most popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to your advantage.

Social media for your career

When you google yourself, what happens?

Usually one of four things: a) It's exactly as you expected and you are rather pleased with yourself; b) all the results are nothing to do with you and it appears that, in fact, you don't exist at all; c) what does come up has mistakes in it or isn't up to date; d) you want to cover your face in shame.

And an oldie but a goldie, employment lawyer Philip Landau discusses why you should stop and think before mixing your personal and professional lives on social media.

Social media in your job search

In How to maximise use of social media in your job search, recruiter Josh Rufus discusses the ways in which to use social media as well as potential pitfalls.

Whilst LinkedIn is often the social media platform that first springs to mind in job seeking and recruitment, others could be useful, including Facebook and Twitter.

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