The secrets to success for jobseekers and employers in Strategy, Projects & Change Management

Organisations offer share options to Projects & Change Management professionals to promote greater investment in their company’s overall performance.

Employer trends seen across Strategy, Projects & Change Management at the start of 2019

The industries outside of the Financial Services world have fared slightly better than those within it this year. We have seen a shift towards reactive hiring rather than proactively sourcing professionals for new and exciting divisions within their markets, as well as a significant uptick in strategy based hires who are brought on to think long term around revenue sources and bring the ability to keep businesses at the top of their respective fields.

Most organisations have fought to retain their best performers by adjusting offerings to what the modern day employee wants; more flexibility or specific incentives that are tailored for top performers. Moreover, businesses have displayed their uniqueness by showing they are part of initiatives such as ‘women in leadership’ or being a leading light in terms of corporate responsibility; these are considered valuable by professionals.

A particular benefit that has risen to the surface is the offering of shares attached to the company, prompting employees to be more invested in the overall performance of their employer.

What have professionals done to succeed in their roles?

Process skills have been the most important so far this year, so people with Lean six sigma certifications have been in demand, enabling companies to continue their process excellence agenda. Any candidates with a strategic focus and MBA skills have also been highly sought after, as have those possessing a digital edge that can help companies stay ahead of the curve.

Noticeable behaviours across SPC have included:

  • Focusing on the ability to work as and how they want rather than being confined to an office
  • Opportunities away from London have become more prevalent with many open to moving away from the capital or even abroad due to the political uncertainty and subsequent refocusing of businesses’ agendas
  • Contractors and high flying permanent candidates have been increasingly open to lowering their rates in order to remain in employment through all the uncertainty

What has influenced Strategy, Projects & Change Management recruitment?

Events surrounding Brexit have been indicative of how the market has slowed - whenever there is political uncertainty, hiring tends to taper off. Most regulatory deadlines, bar a couple including Libor, have passed over the previous 24 months so it is an area that hasn’t necessarily influenced employment.

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