The secrets to success for jobseekers and employers in Sales

Cem Baris 15.04.2019

Tech sectors including HealthTech, MarTech and FinTech have continued their rise to dominance and have been actively filling Sales team jobs so far this year.

Employer trends seen across Sales at the start of 2019

Continuing the trend from last year, the top performing sectors have been:

  • HealthTech
  • FinTech
  • MarTech

Organisations within these fields are largely digital and data driven, and in many cases delivering disruption in traditional sectors. Salaries for sales professionals in these sectors across new business and those in account management roles have grown steadily. Sales administrator jobs have also been frequently available.

Attraction and retention of Sales professionals

If companies want to retain their top performers, it is essential to provide a level of flexibility and ensure they keep up with the latest technology trends so they can offer the use of cutting edge tech - this is something that most career conscious professionals desire.

Some of the benefits available include:

  • Eye-watering salaries and bonus packages for top performing sales talent within high tech organisations
  • Work-from-home 1-2 days per week
  • Flexible working hours
  • For smaller (but high growth potential) organisations, there has been a trend of offering share options

What have professionals done to succeed in their roles?

New business skills are always desirable, for Account Managers as well as for those filling Business Development Manager positions, amongst other sales team jobs. Those professionals with an impressive track record of successful account nurturing and development are highly sought after to increase growth.

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