Tips for Secret Santa in the Office

Andrew Kitchen 05.12.2017

Dreading getting someone you don’t really know for Secret Santa? Something hard to buy for? Do you get something funny? Serious? Here's some tips and ideas:

The ‘big day’ is drawing closer and closer, it may be quietening down in the office and many colleagues may be suffering from the flu (or hangovers) but the last bit of excitement will be secret Santa!

If you’re dreading pulling out names from the hat and ending up with somebody you don’t really know, fear not, as there are millions of gift ideas out there to suit all ages and budgets, from a personalised mug to a pampering session. It’s great when you’ve picked your BFF but what happens when you’ve picked the boss and terror burdens, what’s appropriate and what’s not? Do you get them something humorous or serious, but then if it’s a serious present, you don’t know what they get up to outside of work, is it karate or knitting?! 

Christmas is a great opportunity to get together and celebrate with your colleagues if you chose to, so don’t get too caught up on finding the perfect gift. For those of you worried about budgets, busy shops and the minefield of choosing the perfect gift, here are some tips and ideas:

It’s all a bit of fun!

Try and make sure there’s a budget set so that everyone can have some guidelines, £5 or £10 is probably the most popular limit. There’s no need to be pushing the boat out, after all there are a lot more expenses around this festive period! Just remember it’s supposed to be light-hearted, so if you find yourself stressing about it too much maybe you need to re-assess. It is Christmas after all!!

Presents with a difference 

If you decide you don’t want to just get some sweets, socks or a CD then there’s plenty of possible gifts that make a more interesting swap. How about you buy a star? Or adopt an elephant in Africa and show your caring side! Make the most of the Internet and use their gift search options to narrow down the numerous choices to suit your colleague.

Keep it clean!

We’ve all seen the rude knick-knacks out there that can definitely be hilarious for your brother or best friend but most likely not appropriate for the work-place. It would definitely be an uncomfortable situation if you bought someone a phallic-shaped pen thinking it’d show your cheeky side when really it just goes down like a red balloon and you’re left extremely red-faced. Not the best reputation to end the year with!

Christmas is the time for laughter, food, family and giving so get creative, be organised and put a bit of effort into your present search; if you follow these simple steps, you won’t go wrong!

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