Sales Q2 2017 Recruitment Update

Sales Q2 2017 Recruitment Update

Cem Baris 17.07.2017

In the first half of 2017 hiring has broadly been in line with expectations set at the beginning of the year.

Demand for sales professionals in technology, fintech, payments, cloud and cyber security in London is robust, however, a shortage of good talent looking to move has forced companies to go outside their normal salary bands to attract top talent.  

Many sales and business leaders are conscious that attracting sales talent in 2017 has been a challenge and therefore are already working on their go to market strategy and planning headcount for 2018.

Despite the political backdrop in Q2, this period saw it's highest activity in open vacancies up 11% quarter on quarter compared to Q1 and provides a good basis for an optimistic outlook at the start of Q3. 

We have still seen a large desire for companies to hire business development professionals within cloud and SaaS (software as a service) providers within software, fintech and payments. 

While talent is relatively short in supply clients are still happy to wait for talented individuals who have a stable work history, and can show sales success year on year.  In that respect it is a good time for candidates considering a move in this climate who will be in a strong position to negotiate a good package. 

The biggest trend coming to light through conversations with candidates is a desire for flexible working arrangements,  particularly for field-based sales roles where employers have shown the greatest levels of flexibility.​ 
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