The Rise of Talent Acquisition

Mark Astbury 01.08.2016

Although I have been in recruitment for some may say a short period of time, in the 3 years that I have been a Recruitment Consultant, I have seen many changes across different clients I have worked with.

The large amount of business investing in Internal Recruiters or Talent Acquisition posts is forever growing. The obvious reason behind this of course, is to bring recruitment in house and move away from paying agency fees.

However, does this recruitment method mean you are reaching the entire market? And are you reaching “the best” candidates? Perhaps yes, perhaps no. Having a mixed approach is best- variety is the spice of life! 

Many candidates are happy to apply directly to a business and this can be a very successful method of recruitment, however as the contact between company and candidate is direct, how do you know as the Company you are getting the full truth from the candidate? `
The candidate potentially has a lot to lose by voicing any concerns directly to you, (the prospective business), so by having a 3rd party involved, managing the process; it is likely that the candidate will be more open and honest about thoughts and feelings on reservations and/or objections. These objections can then be pre-empted and handled accordingly - with maximum damage control. This will result in a happy customer from both client and candidate prospective. 

Obviously a Talent Acquisition team is great to have in any business – it means you have experienced professionals on site reaching out to a talent pool. They are likely to have come from a recruitment background or  HR background holding a mass of market knowledge whilst being extremely well informed on the business they are representing. However, let’s not forget about the power of a good agency and the network they are able to reach. It is important to partner with the right agency and equally recruiter, as I’ve previously mentioned in a recent blog, these are your eyes to the market and also your face, so choose wisely!

UK traffic to Morgan McKinley’s website is approximately 45,000 monthly within the UK. That is a lot of people, and we aim to reach out to all of the candidates with a response to each application. We then filter through and choose the most relevant candidates to put forward to our clients, following a strict screening process. 

Networking for a recruiter is key and there are many different methods a good recruiter will use to build their network. Reaching out to the passive candidate market is key, as sometimes these can be the best. Passive candidates are usually doing very well in their jobs and not necessarily looking to move; they also not constantly being contacted by other agents, running new roles past them everyday offering different opportunities, this way we the recruiter, holds more control and influence. 
The passive candidate although sometimes the best, can be the hardest to deal with, as they are made aware that they are highly desirable and can therefore be more demanding in what they want- i.e. salary and benefits.  It is our role as the recruiter to work out how valuable they are, manage the process whilst getting the best offer for them and deliver the best candidates to our clients. 

Hopefully I have highlighted to you the value a good recruiter can add to your business, whilst working alongside your Talent Acquisition team. If you do have any questions for me or another consultant from Morgan McKinley within your industry please do get in touch.

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