The return of the hybrid in risk change?

Jon Browning 17.12.2015

Two years ago in risk change, a high percentage of roles with our major clients were hybrid roles of Business Analyst/Project Manager. This led to a certain ambiguity at the time, as it was not clear where the preference lay, as they are two very different skill sets.

 Did the hiring manager want a Project Manager who was willing to get their hands dirty from time to time or in fact the opposite? This obviously led to a longer recruitment process as we recruiters needed to understand their actual requirements.

In the last 18 months we have seen a very different trend; this has been caused by the sheer size of the regulatory programmes e.g. BCBS 239, FDSF, and FRTB.  Roles in these programmes have tended to be very clearly defined, a Project Manager has little or no Business Analyst work to do and the converse is also true. I have been asked by hiring managers when sending a hybrid role CV where the candidates strengths actually lie are they a Project Manager or a Business Analyst. These programmes have meant that candidates CV’s have had to change to show not only their preference but where their skill set really lie.

However, speaking to hiring managers recently with regard to latest cuts which I am sure you have all heard about there is going a higher need for the hybrid skill set, as the headcount may have to be reduced therefore we may be going in full circle. If this is the case let’s hope that hiring managers remove ambiguity from their requirements and candidates are clear where their strengths truly lie. 

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