How to calm that pre-interview stressful feeling

Kelly Hayman 30.06.2019

Feeling stressed about an upcoming job interview? It's only normal to feel that way. Here's my tips, as a recruiter, how to overcome any stress you may be feeling.

Being interviewed is one of the factors that can cause a certain level of stress for any professional; it’s a battle against nerves that people sometimes find hard to overcome. People frequently wonder how they will do, what questions will be asked, and ultimately if they will get the job. With these questions swirling in their heads, people wind themselves up into a particular state of mind before going into an interview.

To reduce the stress and help you progress into your perfect role with confidence, here are some tips to follow:

1. Get a good night’s sleep – Having a broken sleep will reduce energy for the next day and can even make a person quite grumpy and lethargic.

2. Make sure you eat breakfast – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day which provides the brain and body with fuel for the day.

3. Dress attireAre you dressed for the right environment? Corporate is always best. Remember, first impressions count.

4. Get there early – Rushing, getting lost, and the fears of being late all provoke anxiety. Print directions and arrive 30 minutes early allowing time get some water and then head to reception 10 minutes before your scheduled time.

5. Be prepared – Make sure you have researched the company and have prepared competency answers relating to all experiences within previous roles. Role-playing in a safe environment with family and friends is a great way to prep.

6. Have your questions ready – Be in the know about the company, ask for facts and figures, show them you are the right person for this role and maintain eye contact with a smile.

7. Pace yourself – Pause, you will not be penalised for taking time to think about your answer. Breathe and speak slowly.

8. Time frame – Ask when you will hear back so you can manage your expectations.

9. Post Interview – Take a break and do something you love so you do not dwell on what you did or did not say. Stay positive in your search for a new job.

10. Smile – By getting to the first stage interview, you are on the right track already so give yourself some credit and a pat on the back. 

I know on occasion, waiting for the interview to begin can be stressful. In the past, even the lighting has made me feel nauseous. When I went for my first interview, I could barely sip water in case the interviewer came in and I wasn’t ready to stand up in time.
Please do accept that this is completely normal and there are plenty of people who go through the same ordeal but we are all here to help each other. Embrace your nerves as this is not just a job you are going for, this is your career.

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