Positive signs of a strong end to 2019 for recruitment across Sussex

Ruth Skelton 08.10.2019

Recruitment of Office Support, HR and Finance professionals in Sussex has been challenging over the summer period, but things are looking up for the last quarter of the year.

Overview of recruitment in Sussex

Hiring across Sussex has been somewhat confused over the past few months. There has been a considerable increase in temporary Office Support roles, but a significant drop in the volume of permanent positions, as organisations hold off committing to permanent headcount. This area has also seen a frustrating stagnation of remuneration, with many offers at the lower end of the salary bracket. 

The finance industry in Sussex witnessed the slowdown that London experienced throughout the first half of 2019, with fewer jobs available and less professionals looking to move. Human Resources recruitment has been challenging; we’ve seen a higher volume of jobs compared to the last quarter but processes have taken much longer than expected and some have been disrupted by last minute internal applicants.

The most prominent roles throughout recent months

Office Support - Skilled Customer Service Executives have been in demand, especially those with an ability to upsell and generate leads to ensure the most is made out of every opportunity in a challenging market. Any of these professionals who have language skills are even more desirable.

Finance - FP&A and Finance Business Partnering roles have come through at a steady rate but there’s also been sustained demand for Finance Systems experts, as companies are implementing new systems in a bid to streamline processes in the longer term.

Human Resources - No real specific role has stood out but an abundance of different positions from entry level, right through to HR Director.

Workplace wellness for employees across Sussex

On the surface it seems that the focus on employee wellbeing and initiatives to help mental and physical health has slowed down somewhat in Sussex. On reflection, it is more that it is no longer new and exciting; it is simply the norm across almost every industry. Businesses based in the regions are adapting to this new norm, offering flexible working and charity days as well as having mental health first aiders in the office.

Sussex recruitment facts summer 2019

For the remainder of 2019…

After a reignition of permanent job take in September and early positive signs for October, things seem to be looking up for the rest of the year. This said, Brexit is still lingering and influencing the recruitment budgets at many organisations. 

For any job seekers looking to move, preparation is key - and this starts long before your interview. Tailor your CV to every different role, think about your first interaction with the recruiting team and be prepared to articulate why you’re a perfect match for the role. 

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Senior Manager | Accounting & Finance and Office Support Recruitment