Organisations hire top Human Resources professionals to help in uncertain times

Natalie Limerick 08.10.2019

Whilst the economic and political uncertainty has dented hiring across many areas, the recruitment of Human Resources professionals has been lively as companies look to secure top candidates.

Overview of Human Resources recruitment

In comparison to a lot of other disciplines across London where recruitment has slowed up significantly as a reaction to the evolving political and economic environment, the demand to hire Human Resources professionals has remained. Most of these vacancies are permanent positions as hiring organisations look to secure the top talent to help in these times of uncertainty. In this same regard, hiring processes have been quite lengthy as there are a number of strong candidates available and organisations have been willing to wait for the ‘perfect’ candidate.

The most prominent roles seen throughout past months

  • HR Business Partners with experience leading on HR projects
  • Recruitment Consultants

As organisations look to branch out to various locations, professionals with any global experience of working in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Asia Pacific (APAC), or Latin America are in a strong position to be top of the pile in the eyes of many hiring managers. Any examples of this experience can be extremely beneficial to your application, so it is important that it is appropriately demonstrated on your CV.

Human Resources recruitment facts Q3 2019

Workplace wellness remains a focus across HR

Unsurprisingly, Human Resources is one of the disciplines that focuses heavily on workplace wellness for its employees. The ability to work from home one day per week and flexibility surrounding condensed hours to accommodate for busy home lives are both highly popular for HR professionals. Employers have to offer sufficient initiatives that give a healthy work-life balance if they want to attract the best candidates.

Another benefit that has become quite a common theme recently is competitive bonus/retainer payments as the hiring organisations look to attract and retain top talent.

For the remainder of 2019…

As previously mentioned, the economic landscape is in a period of instability. Primarily caused by Brexit, this uncertainty means that strong HR candidates are largely reluctant to look for new opportunities. This makes it even more vital that specialist recruitment agencies are working closely and proactively with both their clients to take opportunities to the market directly.

To stand out, candidates need to demonstrate any experience they have with managing and supporting change. This could be through HR Project Management, managing Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment (TUPE) or mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Displaying you have managed HR Systems on your CV is also important - some of the most popular systems are: Workday, SAP, Oracle, Agresso, Northgate, SuccessFactors and CoreHR.

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