Organisations display lack of urgency to recruit in the Thames Valley over summer

Holly Bacon 08.10.2019

Most organisations looking for Human Resources and Finance professionals seemed to lack urgency to complete hires over the summer months.

Overview of recruitment in the Thames Valley

The past few months have been quiet in terms of hiring across the Thames Valley. There were a number of roles available - job flow was decent across both Human Resources and Finance - but hiring organisations were in no rush to recruit unless they came across the perfect candidate.

Whilst most of the HR jobs have been at the junior end of the market, more Finance positions have been at senior levels across both the temporary and permanent markets.

The most prominent roles seen in recent months

Human Resources - There has been lots of recruitment in the Thames Valley and Maidenhead area of junior HR Advisors and junior HR Business Partners. This abundance of junior vacancies has come from companies upskilling and promoting their existing employees, creating a market for them to be filled. Workday experience has been the most in demand HR system. 

Accountancy & Finance - FP&A Manager roles have been incredibly prominent across both temporary and permanent markets. There seems to be a lot of individuals moving roles into more finance business partnering positions, creating a gap in the market for senior FP&A professionals.

Thames Valley recruitment facts Q3 2019

Workplace wellness for employees across Thames Valley and Maidenhead

Workplace wellness is an enormously important aspect of most people’s job search in the Thames Valley and Maidenhead area; employees nowadays want to join a company that will support their general wellbeing. Initiatives include gym memberships, free healthy breakfasts, flexible working hours and the opportunity to work from home - the latter two are the most requested by job seekers.

For the remainder 2019…

Hopefully, and judging on the performance of September, the need to recruit HR and Finance professionals in the Thames Valley area will continue to grow. The end of the year has been busy in previous years, and we anticipate 2019 to follow in the same vein. For job seekers across Finance, new system skills and experience of process improvement will be integral to success. Across Human Resources, it’s all about presentation; going above and beyond to show why you want to work for a particular company. Passion for the business and what they do is crucial. 

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Head of Thames Valley and Middlesex Office