Offering flexibility is crucial for organisations to attract top talent in Surrey

Kelly Hayman 08.07.2019

Recruitment of Office Support, HR and Marketing professionals across Surrey has fluctuated so far in 2019. Companies are having to offer unique benefits to attract new employees.

What has the hiring landscape been like in Surrey over the first half of 2019?

The Surrey recruitment market has been somewhat up and down over recent months. Hiring of Office Support professionals was steady at the beginning of 2019, however it dropped off throughout March and April, with April alone seeing half the amount of roles available when compared to the previous year. Since then, a surge in vacancies towards the end of Q2 has given confidence things are improving, with a surprising increase in Personal Assistant roles.

On the Human Resources division, organisations have been actively hiring at the junior end of the market but an increasing number of senior roles are becoming available, with contract hires being preferred over permanent.

Marketing and Communications recruitment in Surrey was also slow at the start of the year but again, things have picked up significantly, specifically as companies look to fill marketing executive jobs and niche vacancies including roles across Digital and E-commerce.

How to keep the workforce motivated and attract new employees

Job seekers are no longer solely interested in salaries when looking for a new position. Nowadays, they take into consideration the full package including working hours, benefits and the availability of flexible or agile working. Being able to offer flexibility is now vital for organisations if they want to attract the top quality candidates.

In addition to heightened flexibility, companies are having to be more creative with the benefits on offer. Soft perks, such as early finishes on Fridays, free breakfast in the office and lunch time massages are becoming increasingly popular as it becomes harder to stand out from competitors when trying to attract talent. Holiday entitlement is another area that has become a ‘deal breaker’ - 20 days plus bank holidays is no longer thought of as sufficient, so companies are having to offer more.

What has made professionals based in Surrey successful? 

For the last few years we have seen consistent demand for Office Support professionals who possess strong customer service and sales order processing skills. In this area, hiring companies expect stability so want to see applicants who have proved themselves and have stayed in roles for a fairly long time. When it comes to Human Resources, it is crucial for professionals to have the relevant level of CIPD qualification in relation to the role they are applying for - any mismatch in this will instantly put you below numerous other applicants.

As previously mentioned, there has been an influx of demand for Digital and E-commerce experience coming from organisations hiring Marketing & Communications professionals; in many cases, hiring managers are being industry specific. There is a shortage within these skill sets and we would suggest candidates upskill in these areas to increase their marketability in order to successfully be hired into marketing executive jobs.

How can job seekers stay motivated over the slower summer months?

The best thing a job seeker can do over the summer is to stay patient! Processes will inevitably take longer so don’t get frustrated if you don’t hear back about any ongoing applications. It’s important to keep in touch with your recruiter so they can relay your commitment to the hiring manager.

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