The Offer Stage

Morgan McKinley 20.11.2013

The offer stage is often seen as the most difficult stage and stressful part of the recruitment process but we can make it a lot easier on ourselves with effective offer management and client/candidate liaison and as your Career Ally, we can advise you on the best approach.

Ideally our consultants would have done the hard work already. We pride ourselves on building trust and a strong relationship throughout the recruitment process, both with client and candidate and our focus will be on keeping both of you fully updated on progress, feedback and information.

So what can a Candidate expect from Morgan McKinley at the Offer Stage?

  •     Clear and open channels of communication between you and the client through our consultancy service. We will leave no stone unturned to achieve the desired result and look to resolve any issues in an effective and professional manner.  
  •     To act in the best interests of all concerned to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement/outcome using our strong client relationship base.
  •     We will look to agree to a suitable deadline for potential decision that all parties are satisfied with.
  •     Offer advice on resignation.
  •     Prompt and detailed feedback, answering any questions or reservations as effectively as possible.
  •     Face-to-face meetings.  We feel it's important that at such a crucial stage you are receiving all the support you need and offer you a chance to discuss all aspects of the role on offer.
  •     An open discussion around any reservations or concerns you may have. In many cases, we offer the opportunity to meet with our clients informally post offer to go through any remaining questions.
  •     Will always wish you well regardless of the outcome. We view this relationship as a long term plan and look forward to being your Career Ally.
  •     We want to help you and your friends and colleagues, we hope you will recommend Morgan McKinley as a long-term Career Ally.

Further further advice on what to expect and how to approach the offer stage, please don’t hesitate to contact me or comment below.

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