New Year, Not So New Start?!

Ruth Skelton 11.03.2016

If have entered 2016 by the saying ‘New Year, new start’ you’ll find that January and February have absolutely flown past, and you have or haven’t stuck to your ‘new start.’

An amalgamation of the cold, bleak weather, the doom and gloom following an expensive and festive Christmas leaves us on a low, making it even harder to make that ‘start.’ Everyone is in good spirits on January the 1st but slowly, slowly, one by one, people fall off that slippery slope and end up giving up entirely!  Is this you? You may find that you’ve got more than one change on your New Year’s Resolution List but the list hasn’t been looked at yet! Your ideas and goals could well have been great and noble, but realistically even someone with superpowers would find making all big changes at once impossible so don’t beat yourself up!

If we bombard ourselves with a colossal, demanding list, and if it’s not working out or proving easy in the hardest month of the year, we tend to just surrender entirely! Does this sound like you? We come in to the New Year expecting all these changes to be made within the first few weeks! However, when the weight isn’t melting away, you’ve not yet hit the nail on the head with the relationship, the house sale didn’t go through, or you didn’t get promoted, it feels easier just to stop, admit defeat and just hide that list all together! There’s always New Year next year?

Dig out that list! March is as good a time as any! Instead of trying to alter everything at once, start with just one thing.  Even go as far as breaking that one thing right down into manageable ‘bite size’ pieces. If one of your tasks is ‘to change jobs’, then even that in itself can prove challenging, taxing and overwhelming at any time of the year! So instead of just ‘changing job’, alter each day just very slightly.  Spend 20-30 minutes per day just sourcing on the internet for your next move.  On Monday, register your CV to the big job boards. On Tuesday, give Morgan McKinley a call.  On Wednesday, start planning what it is that you want to do next, and so on. You’ll be leaps and bounds ahead of all of those people who have left that New Year’s resolution back in January!

Don’t even think about commencing the next epic task on your list until you have completed this one!  Once you have followed these mini goals and achievements, you’ll feel better that you’re advancing in the right direction.  Each time you apply for a new role either through us or directly, you’ll feel like you’re making progress and naturally you’ll feel more positive.

Once you start making this move, we’ll start contacting you about jobs without you having to do anything!  With our support, you’ll feel more enthused and inspired to continue your own search too. If you eventually do make that substantial change, it won’t feel like a consuming period of time, hopefully just a promising and exciting time! Once you start, or tick that off your list, you’ll find that those other mammoth tasks could well fall into place naturally.  If they don’t, you’ll be in a better place to achieve them later! Happy March!

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Senior Manager | Accounting & Finance and Office Support Recruitment


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