Morgan McKinley London Employment Monitor - February 2013

Hakan Enver 12.02.2013

City hiring market buoyant so far in 2013

For the second month this year, the London Employment Monitor has registered an increase in City job vacancies.  February 13 saw a rise of 11% compared to January 13 - a more modest increase following the large spike in financial services jobs after the Christmas lull. 

We’re pleased to see the market performing well for the second month this year but visibility remains limited across the hiring market for the remainder of the year at this point.

Although both jobs new to the market and job seeker numbers have dropped compared to February 12, it’s worth noting that these decreases are the smallest we have seen since June 11 and December 11 respectively.

Financial services job vacancies rise 11% from January 13 to February 13
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