The Morgan McKinley Boat Party 2017

H1 has passed and what a better way to celebrate than the annual Morgan McKinley Boat Party.

For the record, our contract division which places Interim hires with financial services and commerce and industry clients has had year on year growth for 2017. This is a great achievement given the recent election and the Brexit hangover, which continues to influence decision making throughout the industry. Boat Party 2017 (2)

A big thank you to all the contractors that attended and special thanks to First Freelance who partnered with us this year. During the evening we managed to raise £485 for the Bliss foundation and we thank all that contributed to this great charity.

Congratulations to the following prize winners on the evening:

R. Kumar
L. Krasniqi
S. J Potter Boat Party 2017 (1)
R. Picton-Turbervill
K. Devshi
D. Joshi
J. Kinghorn

Please keep an eye out for our upcoming events in the following months. We have an HR breakfast presentation on the ‘Gender Pay Gap’ in September which is a hot topic right now.

Thanks again for all the support and please check out all the photo’s from the successful evening here and we hope to see you all again next year.


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Managing Director