More vacancies on the buy-side for Financial Services Operations professionals

Ross Sailes 08.07.2019

The first half of 2019 has been slow for Financial Services Operations recruitment, with most of the vacancies coming available on the buy-side rather than sell-side.

How has the Financial Services Operations hiring landscape been over the first half of 2019?

Hiring of Financial Services Operations professionals on a permanent basis has been slower throughout the first half of this year than was expected. The new year started very quietly but it looked like things were going to pick up after an increased level of jobs became available in March, unfortunately the market has slowed down again since then.

Of the vacancies seen in the past three months, more roles have been on the buy-side than on the sell-side.

How to keep the workforce motivated and attract new employees

More and more firms are beginning to offer flexible hours in order to be more accommodating for their employees. A level of flexible working is increasingly being encouraged across financial services as a whole, and being able to offer flexible working hours or the opportunity to work from home once or twice per week is now important if organisations want to stand a good chance of attracting top talent over their competitors. As more companies roll-out laptops and work mobile phones to their employees, it is becoming easier for professionals to work remotely.

Financial Services Operations opportunities

What has made a Financial Services Operations CV stand out?

Broadly speaking, systems and tech skills are becoming more desirable across operational roles. Those professionals who have become subject matter experts in a particular area or asset class are also highly sought after, and the value of additional qualifications should not be underestimated.

How can job seekers stay motivated over the slower summer months?

As mentioned above, looking into additional qualifications or courses will boost your chances of securing a new role. More specifically the Investment Management Certificate (IMC) or Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) investment advice diploma will put a candidate higher on a hiring manager’s list than those without either.

Beyond this, if you are in an application process over the coming months, it’s important to be mindful that things may take longer than usual given the time of year, with stakeholders potentially on annual leave. Stay in contact with your recruitment consultant and make sure they know you’re keen to hear of any new opportunities.

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