Leadership - how important is it?

A number of things have made me think about the importance of leadership over the last few weeks.

We have had the Referendum and the Euros all taking place and for both these significant events people are looking at the leaders of these teams/ parties and watching how they  perform so that they know who to follow. Even if you are from England and you want your team to win,  it doesn’t mean that you will necessarily back them. Loyalty to your team when they are not the strongest side may give you some kind of short term enjoyment but is this going to see you through to celebrating and watching your team hold the trophy at the final? Probably not!

The same applies to the work place, looking at the people who are leading your team is a very important factor when considering your long term plans and goals (scuse the pun). Does your leadership team have what it takes to allow you to develop and get to where you want to be in your '5 year plan'?  

Working for a great manager/director/partner plays a huge part in where you end up in your career and should be one of the deciding factors when considering either staying at your current role or deciding to make that move. When a great leader moves on,  there is a natural feeling of unsettle within a team and as individuals we have to decide whether our happiness/loyalty is to the company we are working with or was it the afore mentioned leader who was the reason we were there in the first place.  

When changes of this degree happens,  whether it be in football, politics or in the work place,  we should follow our instinct and work with people who we believe are the right person for ‘the job’ and be loyal to ourselves and strive for what we want.  So, if your leadership team is going through change and you believe it’s time for a new challenge and the current ‘guys at the top’ are not the ones to allow you to go in the direction you desire – maybe it’s time to consider a move. 

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