Jop hopping and jumpy CVs

For many people when it comes to our careers, we often find ourselves asking, "Is it time to move on or do I remain with my current employer?"

There is no doubt that it is a dilemma that is being faced by many people with significantly increasing regularity. It surprises me how poorly many people treat their career choices and by consequence their CV. Systematic neglect, poor decisions, inadequate due diligence often result in a career and a CV that we term as “jumpy”. I am always struck by candidates who say they can explain why their CVis punctuated by regular job changes and in some instances career changes. Change is good and in the dynamic world that we live in the “job for life” is and should be a distant memory.

However, I saw a statistic recently that by the year 2020 a 40-year old person will have moved jobs circa 14 times. In my view this level of job hopping may well reflect the new reality but as an employer and as a recruiter I am struggling to see the positive of this level of change. To me, there is a view around that we should embrace change and in most instances I agree but I don’t think we should celebrate the jumpy CV'.

I think that career moves should be thought through and one needs to give time to your job to allow you to give it your best and to add real value to your employer and to your career prospects. It might be an old-fashioned view but tenure is valuable and loyalty a virtue. Take your time and make sure that the grass is truly greener on the other side before making the leap.

The choice you make today could significantly impact your career and by consequence your life’s choices. It is a big decision so don’t take it lightly.

Gerald FitzGerald's picture
Chief Operations Officer Group