The impact of Artificial Intelligence on the HR profession

Marijana Lawton 13.09.2018

Morgan McKinley HR hosted a Round Table networking meeting for senior HR professionals. In attendance we had Bristol’s most prominent HR leaders as well as our own Global Head of HR who flew in from Dublin especially for the event.

What will the future of HR look like?

We had a very productive morning discussing the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the HR profession and what the future of HR will look like. It was interesting to hear everyone’s thoughts and experience of digitalisation within their respective organisations, especially as we had a variety of different sectors to consider. 

AI in HR event

Artificial Intelligence is still at its infancy and takes many shapes and forms, from implementing new state of the art, agile HR systems, to considering more digital ways of driving engagement, to designing an interactive video selection at the recruitment stage. The discussion was kicked off by Helen Gallagher who put forward her view on how AI may change the world of HR. Below are extracts from her presentation which is closely matched with all participating HR professionals.

"Morgan McKinley has embraced digital innovation within our business to enhance the working lives of our people, as well as developing new service lines and tools for clients and candidates."

Helen continued, "There are some concerns that AI technology will put the HR profession at risk. Certainly technology can help support the significant levels of administration required within the HR function. However, AI will ultimately transform our function and has the capacity to revolutionise HR responsibilities, such as recruiting, performance evaluation and learning and development, rather than threaten them.

In most organisations, AI should enhance and enrich people's careers. Data analytics will help us make more informed decisions and actively predict trends from preferences to productivity. At the end of the day, Artificial intelligence is still Artificial - run by machines, algorithms and a power source. It cannot (yet) truly compete with humans as it doesn't understand the intricacies of emotional intelligence, human behaviour, and cultural and linguistic idiosyncrasies.

So the future of work will no doubt be very different…but we believe people will always be critical; and attracting, developing and retaining talent, both human and robotic will continue to be a challenge that HR professionals face - albeit in a different, more digital landscape."

This was an interesting topic to discuss and the general feedback from all attendees was that it is reassuring to hear that everyone seems to be in the same boat, preparing and anticipating the new age of AI in pragmatic way.

Thanks to all who attended, and we look forward to seeing you on 25th January 2019.

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