How to make sure Blue Monday isn't so blue for you

Hakan Enver 21.01.2016

Monday 18th January 2016 was supposedly dubbed this year's 'Blue Monday'. 'Blue Monday' was invented by Cliff Arnall, a former lecturer at Cardiff University in 2005 when he was given the task by a U.K.-based travel agency to find the most depressing day of the year as a way to mark winter vacations.

Cliff came to the conclusion that the third week of the New Year would in fact be this; enter 'Blue Monday'. His reasoning for the diagnosis of this was that the combination of cold weather, debt, time since Christmas, motivation levels, the need to take action and time since New Year’s resolutions would lead us to feeling depressed and unmotivated about the year ahead. With all of these terrible things affecting us during the first month of the year, one factor that would at least let you see some light at the end of the tunnel would be to be happy in your job.

Now whilst I may not be able to change the climate, advise you on how to resolve debt issues, speed up time or make sure you attend the gym as you promised at the start of the year, I most certainly can advise you on how to remain happy and motivated at work and look forward to battling these frosty mornings and enduring the commute into town.

There are a few ways in which one can remain motivated at their workplace and this which differ from person to person. For the go-getters and the more ambitious of you out there, this could be done by asking your manager for more responsibilities. With all of the other ‘Blue Monday’ aspects happening in your life right now, the last thing you want to do when arriving at work is to be sitting at your desk twiddling your thumbs with not much to do. By gaining more duties, it will hopefully provide you with a new sense of relief and excitement about coming into work every morning. This will also please your employer as it will show that you are ambitious and keen to progress and develop within the organisation. 

Now although this could help, there’s no hiding from the fact that some of you out there will feel that you’ve progressed as far as you can, have taken on as much as you can and have tried all other options but there is no way forward in your current workplace. This is absolutely fine; it just means that it may be time to look for a new role. 

Within financial services, especially banking, the majority of employees will be receiving their bonuses towards late Q1. This is always a busy time for us as recruiters; as we tend to receive an influx of candidates looking for new roles once their bonuses have been paid, meaning that the supply of potential employees increases. Now whilst this can be seen as a positive for employers searching for new employees, it can also make it tougher for those looking to move jobs; as there will be more competition in the market. 

If you are considering the possibility of exploring new opportunities this year, now is the perfect time to start the search. By looking for roles now in Mid-Jan, you will be getting the head start against other candidates that may wait until March to receive their bonuses first. Although this may only be a six week head start, you would be surprised at just how much this could help and give you the advantage that you may be looking for.

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