How to love your job in six steps

Morgan McKinley 06.02.2018

Even people who are relatively happy at work go through periods when they hate their jobs. Here are some views on how to learn to love your job:

Sure, you can quit when the going gets tough, but in reality you will never be successful if you throw the towel in every time things get difficult. So let’s assume you decide to hang in there for a while rather than bolting. 

1. Ensure the majority of the people you work with are positive and believe in the company vision

Remember you are most likely to spend more time in the office than at home, so you need to ensure you’re working for an energetic company with standards. A company where there is a culture which everyone believes in and more importantly, where everyone is moving towards the same goal of wanting to be successful and win.

2. Seek synergy – work as a team

If you know you work exceptionally well with certain people, find more opportunities to collaborate with them. Internally, this could simply be a matter of asking permission to work on your next presentation with someone you know you have good chemistry with. Externally, there may be individual suppliers and customers with whom you have built particularly good rapport. Nurture these relationships, strengthen these bonds and take an active role in continuing to grow and develop them. If you've previously worked effectively with specific external consultants, consider asking for their input again.

3. Adapt your surroundings

If you’re spending eight hours a day, five days a week staring at the same blank four walls and the same boring desk, it’s little wonder the office space can feel like a prison and our job like a life sentence. Personalise your workspace with photos of friends and family but more importantly, highlight your goals along with pictures of the things you want to buy or do when you achieve your goals. This will help to drive and motivate you when times are tough.

4. Get organised

Nothing is more demoralising than the inbox on your computer screen, filled with unsorted and unread emails or your desk covered with paperwork you haven’t even glanced at yet. Set aside time to sort emails and hard copies into different folders, so you have a clearer idea of where things stand and of your daily objectives. Work smarter not harder.

5. Don’t neglect eating well and fitness

A poor diet leaves us feeling sluggish and irritable, exacerbating any negative feelings we may have about work. By eating well and exercising regularly, we increase our energy levels and alertness and lift our mood. You might be surprised at how much these changes can contribute to a more positive attitude about your job.

And finally…

6. Work-life balance

A lot of us find ourselves resenting the time we spend at work because of what we’re doing (or rather not doing) with our time away from the desk. Finding time to chill out  and unwind will help you enjoy work. As the saying goes,“work hard, play hard” - your work-life balance is a 24/7 thing.

That said, if you are looking for a new challenge, reach out to Morgan McKinley. Be assured to know that we will walk you down the correct career path suited to your needs and ensuring you do what you love.