How to launch your career like an Apple product

Morgan McKinley 12.08.2019

Every time Apple launches a new product it's a big deal! How can you re-launch yourself at your current work place?

While we anticipate the next launch presentation, I can't help but think to myself what if everyone in a work place could be like Apple. What I mean by that is how once in a while you could think of ways to really re-launch yourself at work.

Become the leader!

Try your best to stand out in front of the whole office, make people follow you by setting an example. Having people look up to you will really give you that sense of satisfaction and make you want to work that extra harder which will lead on to people around you working harder.

Get the quiet ones involved.

We all have those people in our office who just sit behind their desk all day and just want to get on with their work. They would never come to a social do, will always bring lunch from home so they don’t have to go out for lunch with anyone. Get these people involved because sometimes it is the quite ones that will come up with the greatest idea.

Take more work on

This one I feel is a tricky one because some people think why I should do that extra job when it’s not part of what I have to do. Well honestly speaking if you want to get somewhere in life you need to grab that opportunity with both hands. I have always believed in the saying “get 100% of the work done in 80% of the time”. That way if the manager is looking for someone to just do that little bit extra then you can be the first to take that responsibility as this will really help you in the long run. 

Offer to train new people

When the company hires new people most employees think oh no now we have to train these new starters. And god forbid if they are a slow learner I will be here for months on end trying to get them to understand the systems and processes. If you offer to do this for your manager he will remember you when maybe it comes to giving you a reference or even if you apply for a promotion.

Be as sociable as you can

Most company now a days have a lot of social events as this count towards as one of the benefits they offer to their employees. So when the company has organised something try your best to be there, not only will this make your life easier at work but you might enjoy yourself too. Speaking from experience I know that going to these events made my life at work a lot easier as I got the chance to know my fellow colleagues on a personal as well as a professional level.

Offer to be flexible

Talking from experience and feedback from others I feel that a lot of companies really value a colleague who could offer to be more flexible than others. If at any time the company or even your manager needs somebody at short notice to maybe carry out a piece of work for them or even work on a project then try to be the first to offer that flexibility. What that shows about you is that you are really willing to go above and beyond for the betterment of the company and what they believe in. 

So while Apple is busy planning on how to deal with the stampede they will have outside their stores, why not take a moment to think of how you can re-launch yourself and get to where you want to be which ultimately should be a very successful person.

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