How to keep motivated during your December job search

Andrew Kitchen 01.12.2017

Six ways to plan an effective and do-able job search in December - ahead of everyone else in January!

Looking for work can always be a daunting and challenging process with the month of December being a notoriously quiet and slow month.

However, while the rest of the market goes to sleep in December, why not turn these negatives into positives. Attack your job search in a streamline manner to ensure maximum results and positive activity leading into the New Year.

The early bird catches the worm

Instead of getting up late, set your alarm as if you were going to work, have a shower and get ready to seize the day.

Plan of attack

If you don’t have anything concrete to work towards, you have nothing to focus on and will find yourself achieving very little. Setting daily goals will keep you focused and motivated.

Ready, steady, go

The first 30 minutes of your day are crucial. Maximise this time and see what the job market has to offer and make sure you are ahead of your competition.

Actions speak louder than words

Always call. Emails can be lost, deleted and ignored. Pick up the phone when applying for roles. This again will set you aside from your competition and ensure that your name goes ahead in the queue.

Network to get work

Ensure you are checking LinkedIn and updating profiles and job boards on a weekly basis (if not daily). Your name needs to stand out and needs to be known in the market.Your name needs to stand out and needs to be known in the market. Sometimes it is not what you know but who you know – and you can never be certain of who is looking at your profile.

Enjoy the process

Job hunting is a time of transition and change and it can also be a very important time for self-development. Use this period to reassess your goals, find out what you really want to do and engross yourself in making yourself the best you can be.

So don’t let December deter you from a positive job search – the market may be quieting down however, a proactive approach will ensure results and a healthy pipeline for January.

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