How to impress the boss

Kathryn Swan 13.05.2015

We all want to impress our boss. After all, this is the person who decides whether you get that raise or promotion and can also decide to give you that undesirable task!

With this in mind, I have put together a checklist to make you indispensible, and hopefully achieve the next step up the career ladder.

1.  Do the things that others forget

Put the work in and undertake the tasks others forget about, as this sets you apart from the rest. This does not have to be a big gesture or a petty token, but a mindful task. It is within human nature to skip the tasks that we hate – completing these will result in long term gain for short term pain!

2.  Be first in and last out

Being the first in and last out shows how dedicated, engaged and hardworking you are and also allows you to undertake more tasks when the office is quiet. It is a win-win situation. If there is someone in particular you are trying to impress then the sight of you sitting working early or late is incredibly powerful.

3.  Make money and add value

Make money for your company and your boss will like you. By this I do not just mean do your job well. You need to go beyond this to impress your boss. Find new ways your company can increase revenue and cut costs. This can be anything, from something minor like finding a cheaper stationary supplier, to something more substantial like researching possible new streams of income or other ways to add value to the company. 

4.  What can you bring to the table?

Simply having good ideas is not enough. They need to be relevant and informed. Make sure you consider it, research it, think how it can be implemented, assess running costs versus income and return on investment. In other words you need to know the what, the why and the how?

If you have any ideas about what you can undertake from work, to differentiate yourself from the rest, we would love to hear from you.

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