How to get the best out of your recruiter

Looking for a new job is hard enough, especially if you are still employed in another role, so here is my advice as to how you can make it that little bit easier for yourself...

From the perspective of a job seeker

Find a recruiter who works for you - Select someone you believe will accurately represent you - it’s like picking an Estate Agent to find you a house! Recruiters will listen to your requirements, understand your expectations on culture fit, how you like to be managed and salary expectations, taking care to match all of these up with the best companies for you. 

Take a recruiter’s advice - Your recruiter will help tailor, adapt and enhance your CV and sell you to the hiring manager or company. This is something you don't receive when you apply to a firm directly! 

Accept interview preparation - We pride ourselves on giving detailed interview preparation, telling you all of the things that a job specification or LinkedIn profile can't. All of this will help ensure you are calm and ready for any interview situation.

Be honest - Tell your recruiter what makes you tick, what your genuine salary expectations are, what factors are going to influence your decision, and who you’ll tell first when you get a job offer. When it comes to salary, we will always represent you as best we can to ensure you get a salary reflecting your experience.

Let the recruiter ask the tricky questions - Don’t be afraid to ask questions you want answers to, whether it’s around maternity cover, paternity pay or flexible working. We will gladly ask all of those questions to our clients so that you can have all the information you need to make the best possible decision. 

From the perspective of a hiring manager

Partner with us - Form a partnership with your recruiters and remember that they are ambassadors, representing your brand. Tell them what you’re looking for, what your previous experiences of recruiting have been like, and we can be your eyes and ears on the ground whilst you focus on your day-to-day job. We will go to market and find that ‘needle in a haystack’ CV or the perfect person you simply might not have the time nor means to access.

Let us be your market intelligence - We will provide you with industry insights and market information, we can educate you on how your competitors are attracting the best talent and help give you the edge. We can also provide salary benchmarking and advice that will help you stand out from the crowd. 

Manage our expectations - Let us know where we stand and we can manage that with our job seekers. If things have changed in a recruitment process, or you have met a direct referral to the business, or you are simply going on holiday for a week, don't be afraid to tell us so that we know where we stand, and know what to prioritise. 

Provide us with feedback - This is essential to help us learn exactly what you do and don’t want, and to give applicants the best experience with you. We would welcome any honest feedback, whether it be for the candidates you don't want to meet, or the people that you've interviewed. Feedback strengthens your employer brand and helps us find precisely what you want. Where most businesses go wrong is not providing someone with feedback, which will potentially deter individuals from applying to the firm again!

Nine times out of ten, if you find a recruiter that you trust and respect, keep them close and look after them. Keep your relationship going, because you never know when you might need them, be it for your own search or to grow your team in the future! 

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Senior Manager | Marketing, Communications & Sales Recruitment


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