GDPR to drive Procurement recruitment in 2018

We have asked our specialist discipline teams what they envisage happening within their industry in 2018. Here are the predictions of our Procurement recruitment division.

What is the main trend you foresee for Procurement in 2018?

We expect to see a couple of specific trends in 2018. The first, being a major factor within the sector, is GDPR. With the number of contracts needing to be reviewed rising to tens of millions, and the heavy penalties that companies can now face, it will likely be at the front of hiring until May 2018. Companies who have a high data processing/storage outsourcing supply chain will need to ensure they are compliant.

2018 should also see the continued rise of full strategic procurement, moving away from specific systems and niche categories into a more fully integrated division that is able to supply and support businesses in all areas, quickly adapting to demand.

How is the Procurement sector looking with the progression of Brexit policies?

The sector remains extremely buoyant regardless of the exit from the EU. But those in procurement will begin to work closely with their legal counterparts in order to limit the potential damage and legal/contractual risk to the supply chain. The rest is hard to predict until the uncertainty is clarified by the government and European Union.

At present, is there a high demand for certain roles within Procurement? And why?

Roles surrounding GDPR are the most in demand. With the deadline for the regulation changes fast approaching, contractual changes need to be ready by 25th May 2018 to ensure compliance. Further to this, IT Procurement positions are increasingly sought after due to the forever changing technological landscape. New platforms will need to be developed and outsourced suppliers will need to be tendered with greater scrutiny around data storage and security.

What skills and attributes are particularly desirable in Procurement at the moment?

As mentioned above, the GDPR deadline is driving hires in Procurement at the moment. Experience within GDPR or reviewing and drafting contractual terms and agreements are particularly popular skills on hiring managers’ lists.

Those with proven experience in strategic/transformational change will also be in demand. This is due to companies looking to optimise their supply chain base and will utilise technology to help achieve this.

What one piece of advice would you give someone currently looking for a job in Procurement?

Do your research. Have a look into the various categories available and choose those aligned to your experience. If you have a background in manufacturing, maybe logistics and other direct categories will be more suitable. If you have a background in marketing, then indirect services would likely suit you. As always, you need to show that you have strong attention to detail and excellent people/negotiating skills.

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