The Future of Internal Communications

Amy Callen 21.05.2018

With the rise of technology innovation taking over the City, the approach to employee engagement is inevitably following suit.

A crucial tool for any business

The perception of internal communications being a “push mechanism for information” has drastically changed and it is now seen as a pivotal tool to improve employee interaction and promote business culture.

There are many key factors to consider when communicating to your business. From an employer’s perspective, the speed of communication using digital channels is unbeatable as you have the benefit of targeting a diverse workforce, based in different locations, all at the same time. Studies have shown that a happier, more informed and engaged workforce will perform more efficiently and ultimately drive business productivity.

With an increased emphasis on engagement and culture, internal communications has a direct impact on ratings and reviews left by staff on websites such as Glassdoor and Indeed, which are often researched by prospective employees during interview processes.

What are the best digital channels to use?

1. Broadcasts and In-house Television

More and more businesses across the globe are turning to the use of video and in-house TV stations to communicate with employees and to ensure their C-Suite are literally “the face of the business”. The power of visually seeing your manager, your CEO, or your Director delivering key news adds a personal, genuine touch and makes more of an impact than an email lost in an inbox. Moreover, in a matrix organisation of any scale, the speed and global reach of video means it is a quick, accurate and engaging way of communicating to the masses.

Podcasts are becoming even more popular now with employees who are constantly on the go. Whether you are announcing a new senior hire, promoting a charity campaign or discussing your next business focus, there is so much creativity to be had with TV and radio broadcasts, and the impact on the recipient is significant.

2. Intranet

Whether it be Jostle, Yammer or another intranet provider, most of us will be used to having an intranet of some description implemented within our business; but are we using them to their full potential? The intranet should be seen as “the knowledge hub” of the business – a central location for information relevant to any employee. From training materials, job listings and contracts to company news, charity announcements and team nights out – intranet content is quick and easy to edit and great for all to use.

Internal communications in the workplace

Having a central point of access to a portal of “usable content” will also save time for both employer and employee when it comes to researching data and sourcing information. Plus, what a great place to share those hilarious photos from the team night out – a great way to promote your internal culture and something to giggle about in the office on Monday morning!

3. Internal Social Media Groups

Social Media is a growing part of everyday life with an average 135 minutes per day spent using it. Whether on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Snapchat, it is a great way to create discussion points, share content and promote company news. Some leading FinTech companies now have internal apps to help promote their business’ social media activity on their own personal accounts. Social media groups are a great way to push content, encourage employee interaction and to communicate internally and externally at the same time.

Companies in touch with digital methods of internal communications are suitably adapting to the needs of their workforce. As businesses continue to invest in this function, to succeed Internal Communication specialists need to keep on top of technology and digital trends. Of course the traditional methods are still needed, but it is definitely important to diversify outside of this so as to be more interactive and engaging as well as offering a two-way, “real time” conversation with your staff.

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