Flying start to 2018 for General Practice jobs gives hopes of strong year

Thomas Wood 06.04.2018

There were 57% more General Practice jobs registered throughout the opening months of this year compared to the end of 2017.

Overview of Q1 General Practice recruitment

Outsourcing continues to show growth. Morgan McKinley registered 57% more jobs in outsourcing between January and March compared to Q4 of 2017 - a good sign for the year to come.

Whilst qualified Audit Seniors with a General Practice background are still in high demand, we are finding that interview processes are becoming increasingly rigorous and challenging, hence we have noticed a slight downturn in the amount of General Practice Auditors moving between smaller firms in this particular quarter.

Thirdly, we have seen more recruitment at senior level, and have registered the most jobs at Senior Manager level and above in Q1 2018 than since early 2014.

Top 3 in demand & highest paying Audit jobs

As mentioned above, high level Auditors remain scarce but in demand. The three highly demanded Audit jobs below highlight this:

  • Audit Senior
  • Audit Manager
  • Audit Director

Most desirable skills and qualifications

The continuing rise in popularity of cloud computing softwares has meant that those who are highly skilled, or ‘certified’, in any of these softwares will find themselves in demand. In particular, knowledge of Xero, Quickbooks and Sage Business Cloud will put any General Practice candidates at an advantage.

General Practice jobseeker and hiring manager motivations

We have seen that candidates predominantly look to secure a move into a larger firm where there is a greater opportunity to gain more General Practice experience.

For the most part, General Practices always look to replace those who leave. Whilst firms do often hire due to their growth, they always have one eye on results season and are aware that people may look to move on once they have qualified.

Challenges and predictions for Q2

Q2 sees the introduction of GDPR, so it will be interesting to see how General Practices deal with the legislative change and the consequent ramifications.

As many firms conduct salary reviews at the end of Q1 / start of Q2, we have also found that many General Practices have contacted us in order to correctly benchmark how much their employees should be being paid. To review our latest salary information containing figures and commentary, read our 2018 Public Practice Salary Guide.

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